Shorten your URL with in Asp.Net Using C#

The code is also very simple. I didn’t add all the extra options that the API makes available and just wrote enough for me to shorten a URL. Here it is:

public static class BitlyApi
private const string apiKey = "[add api key here]";
private const string login = "[add login name here]";

public static BitlyResults ShortenUrl(string longUrl)
var url =
HttpUtility.UrlEncode(longUrl), login, apiKey);
var resultXml = XDocument.Load(url);
var x = (from result in resultXml.Descendants("nodeKeyVal")
select new BitlyResults
UserHash = result.Element("userHash").Value,
ShortUrl = result.Element("shortUrl").Value
return x.Single();

public class BitlyResults
public string UserHash { get; set; }

public string ShortUrl { get; set; }

The API is pretty well documented at


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