Juice UI: Open source ASP.NET Web Forms components for jQuery UI widgets

Scott Hunter just announced a new open source project from appendTo called Juice UI. Juice UI is a collection of Web Forms components which make it incredibly easy to leverage jQuery UI widgets in ASP.NET Web Forms applications. You can start using it right away by adding the JuiceUI NuGet package to your app, and you’re welcome to go nuts with the source, which is dual licensed under MIT and GPL.

What Juice UI does
jQuery UI is a library that’s built on top of jQuery. It’s got a lot of great widgets for common scenarios – things like date pickers, dialogs, and tabs – and they’re all built on a really solid widget platform from some of the sharpest Javascript developers in the field. You’ve always been able to make use of these libraries using jQuery and jQuery UI, but the new Juice UI controls make it that much easier.

Juice UI is launching with 14 widgets and behaviors. You can see the whole list of controls at http://juiceui.com/controls, and they’ve all got interactive examples.

Add the JuiceUI NuGet package

I’m going to start with a new ASP.NET 4 Web Forms project. I’ll right click on the References folder, select Manage NuGet Packages…, and search for “juiceui”


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